Too Wide a Brush

  None would deny there are faults among Christians. Corrections need to be made, improvements needed and rebuke is appropriate. But some sweep to wide and include too much and too many in their accusations and charges against the church. When they point out a fault they make it sound as if EVERYBODY in the church is guilty. AND THAT'S NOT SO!

  You hear it said, "The church is worldly; there is no love; no interest in missions; young people are terrible; hypocrisy everywhere." On and on ring the charges. SOME may be all these things, worse and more; maybe even MANY. But to state it in such a way that EVERYBODY is that way is an attack on the church that is unwarranted. Those making the charges do not know everybody, every church, every heart, everywhere on everything. But their ignorance does not temper their wide sweep of criticism.

  Such criticism helps nobody but uproots the credibility of the accuser. I have never known the day when EVERYBODY was doing everything good or bad. Probably some? Possibly many? BUT NOT EVERYBODY.