Tremendous Damage Done

  There is such harm done by lying gossipers. The victim is smeared and stained and the truth seldom revealed. While his character remains intact his reputation is soiled. He goes on in life never really knowing what all has been told against him and never knowing just who has heard the lies and how many believe them.

  The lying gossiper goes about his life totally unconcerned about the damage he has done with his vicious tongue. The fact that he has deliberately passed along rumors and hearsay created by the victim's enemies does not seem to bother him. The fact he knows nothing about what he is spreading never concerns him. He may even sit in the pew, sing, pray, etc. and deceives himself into thinking all is right between him and God.

  The victim suffers immeasurable harm and the talebearer will be damned. The victim will survive because God knows the truth. But the devil has conquered another lying gossiping soul.