Trivializing Jesus

  Many get upset when the depraved movies misrepresent Christ, making Him indecisive, weak, totally human, stripping Him of His Deity and showing Him as a trivial character. This disgust is justified. We have the same attitude toward any blasphemous distortions of the Son of God.

  What strikes us as strange is how some can parade piously in objection to perverted films about Christ because His Deity is attacked but uphold so-called "Bibles" that openly, arrogantly and intentionally do the same thing, only worse, because these "Bibles" are set forth as the Word of God.

  The attempt to make "almah" mean less than virgin; remove "only begotten Son of God" does injury to His claim of Deity. How promoters of perverted "Bibles" can speak against sinister films that undermine the identity of Christ but encourage as reliable "Bibles" which do the same thing cannot be explained unless something other than conviction determines their actions. God knows.