Trouble Either Way

  The man President-elect Obama has chosen to lead a prayer at his inauguration has angered God-haters because they are fearful he might mention the name of Christ. If he professes to be a Christian, which he says he is, to fail to mention Christ's name is more fearful. Why should believers in the Lord submit to the dictation of the Nazi-minded atheists who seek to destroy everything and produce nothing of benefit? Whether the name of Christ is mentioned or not the result will be trouble anyway.

  America is in trouble because for too long the nation has subscribed to the humanistic views of evolution and atheism to the point religious people have few rights and must conform to the dictates of dictators. I say we need not tell these depraved heathens where to go because they will take care of their destination themselves. But I do say we must not be ashamed to confess Christ especially in the face of tyrants who hate God and truth.