True and Acceptable

  The fact that there is such a thing a "true worship" (John 4: 23, 24) shows there is worship acceptable to God. If there is worship that is acceptable, then it is inescapable that some attempts at worship are not acceptable to God. There are many examples of unacceptable worship recorded in inspired Scripture.

  This explodes the false notion some propagate that God is pleased with whatever worship that may be offered. It explodes the idea that just being honest and sincere in your motives is all that matters. It explodes the false concept that there is no pattern for worship. It explodes the idea some have that "freedom of expression" extends to worship.

  The worshipper is to worship the One worshipped the way the One worshipped prescribes. The One worshipped has the authority to determine what He does and does not accept; not the worshipper.

  Take a few minutes and consider further the teaching of God regarding true worship. Hear on this website Lesson 29, Category 10. It will be of benefit to you.