True Shepherds

  Not all who are called shepherds are good shepherds. Not all will make the necessary effort to find the lost sheep. Hirelings will not put forth such effort, especially in face of danger or loss to themselves, because they are concerned more for self than for others.

  But the good shepherd is watchful for his sheep. Though he has ninety and nine safely in the fold, he has sorrow and compassion for the one who is yet lost. He will search far and wide for his recovery.

  This is the kind of concern Jesus had for Jerusalem (Matt. 23: 37). He sought the salvation of people then just as He does now. The tragic end of the story is, "ye would not."

  Our Lord will not save those who reject Him. He offers to save and has made provision for salvation. But man must favorably respond in faith and obedience if he expects salvation. That is so plain.