Truth About a Lie

  To accept the hypothesis of evolution one must reject the idea that man is essentially different from animals. If that be true there is no reason to elevate man above the level of beasts. However, if one rejects evolution he allows that there is a difference between man and the animal kingdom. That will allow for the distinction of man and his dignity above all else. YOU CANNOT HAVE IT BOTH WAYS!

  The hypothesis of evolution contends that all living things have evolved from a single cell that came into being "somehow" from "something" (the origin of which nobody knows) at "some time."  If one wishes to accept the guesswork of such a thing, he is at liberty to do so. But he need not expect everyone to bow before such an impossible absurdity that contradicts the Bible and all proven science.

  The hypothesis of evolution is widely taught as a proven scientific fact. NOTHING COULD FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH! While evolution violates so much science proves, there is not ONE scientifically proven fact that must be denied to accept God's record of man's origin as given in Genesis.