Try Starting Early

  We get good advice now and then. His is worth considering. One reason for the hurry-scurry hectic action of many is because they put off too long getting started on their tasks. Student do this. This is why some people are late to worship. Many more things could be accomplished if we would do as did our L9rd, "And early in the morning..." (John 8: 2). Some talk about being "night persons," meaning they do their best work at night. But most agree that the day is for work and the sooner we start our duties the more we shall get done and the better we shall do them.

  Of course, this is a matter of individual judgment and probably everybody would not do well getting an early start. But most do. It is worth a sincere try. At least, when you come to the end of the day you will not be frantic and in a dither because you cannot get finished. You might have been able to do get finished if you had only started earlier.