Two Kinds of Influence

  Some influence is bad and detrimental to those it touches. It is harmful to those who are affected by it. It leads people away from God rather than toward God. Such was the influence of Solomon's wives upon him which led him into idolatry (First Kings 11: 1-3).

  But there is also good influence which helps others and goes a long way in leading others toward the right, straight and good way. It is beneficial in nature. Such was the influence of Mordecai upon Esther in a crucial moment in the history of Israel under the Persian rule. His influence was enough to encourage her to act courageously in bringing about deliverance for the Jews from the plots of the wicked Haman.

  We all have influence to some degree on others as they do on us (Romans 14 7). Does our influence lead others toward God or away from Him?