Two Statements by Peter

  There is no way to adequately measure the greatness of the sermon preached by Peter on Pentecost as recorded in Acts chapter two. But verses 30 and 34 give us insight into a truth we need to know and understand. Both speak of the Lord being raised not only from the tomb but into heaven as well.

  Verse 34 teaches He was raised to sit on God's right hand. What does this mean? This same teaching is given in Hebrews 1: 3. Verse 30 explains it. He was raised to His throne.

  Therefore, Christ has all authority as King of kings (1 Tim. 6: 15). He reigns over His kingdom NOW. He is Priest NOW (Hebrews 3: 1). He is King and Priest NOW, as foretold by Zechariah, chapter 6, verses 12 and 13. These two statements by Peter teach us important truth regarding Christ NOW.