Type and Anti-Type

  Our Lord used many different figures of speech in order to simplify His message and enhance our learning. Among the tools He used in His inspired Word was the use of types and anti-types. Just what does this mean? What is a type or an anti-type?

  A simple definition would be that a a type is something of previous time that depicts and forecasts something of the future. The anti-type answers to the type. An example of this can be found in First Corinthians ten when Paul tells us that the experiences of the Israelites in leaving Egypt and going through the wilderness was a type (example, ensample) of the way we are saved.

  God sent Moses to them with the Word of deliverance, which they heard, believed and obeyed. The same things is true for us. God sent Christ with the gospel which we must hear, believe and obey. The process is the same in principle in both cases.

  This is not a mere coincidence but is by divine design that illustrates the way of salvation, making it plain and simple for us today.