Typical of Some in Authority

  In Acts chapter 25 we read of some of the injustices heaped on Paul. Festus, who had authority and could have released the innocent apostle, refused to do so but suggested Paul return to Jerusalem and stand trial before the prejudicial enemies of Paul. Festus would not do the right thing because it would upset Paul's enemies. Such "justice" is often seen in situations today where "judges" and court officials are corrupt and seek to please rather than seek justice. Justice is seldom the theme in our courts.

  Paul used his right as a Roman citizen to appear before Caesar rather than go to the lynch mob in Jerusalem. Even Agrippa, after hearing Paul, said he should have been set free. But what do evil people in authority care about truth and justice? We might as well face what we face. Truth and justice was denied under Roman and Jewish rule and is no less denied in our system today. This flaw was one of the major causes for the fall of Israel and Judah.

  But America is special and can treat God's will with contempt and it will be OK. Do you believe that? Obviously, many do. I'm not one of them.