There is good reason to think that THE majority of people in the USA are brain dead or deranged. Something will come over the news media and they will believe it, argue it, even get angry if questioned, but then in two or three days the whole thing is proven to be false. But they believe whatever is served them. Some political leader will make a promise, get a sound-bite, make some pictures, and some people will go crazy shouting praises. Then before the sound dies down it is shown that the leader is a liar and promoting himself for some unworthy purpose.

  But take the proven, historically battered Bible that has withstood every test year in and year out, people will cast doubt and ridicule on it. The way people will accept the unbelievable and denounce what has been proven believable makes one wonder what occupies the space in the heads of some people where ordinarily would be a brain.

  Sin has corrupted millions and they no longer even display reasonable common sense about much of anything. How can God love such as that?