Unexpected Benefit

  With all of the corruption, lying, cheating, selfish actions being taken by members of the Congress, you just would never expect to receive a moral benefit from such people as the majority of those dominating the government in Washington. But in spite of all of the evil that pours from it, the Congress and the present administration provides me a boost.

  It is frustrating enough to see these leeches destroy our country. It is hard to live with them in power. But it could be worse. We could live with them eternally unless we seek God's way in our own lives. Their conduct makes me more motivated than ever to want to obey the Lord because I sure do not want them as neighbors eternally. A backhanded boost to be sure. But anything that will cause us to want to do the right rather than the wrong is of some benefit. That may be the only real benefit we can ever get from those who now control the country.