Verbal Pornography

  Clean speech is the type of speech that should come from the mouth of Christians (Eph. 4: 29). But listening to the words of some who profess to be preachers you hear explicit discussions of intimate matters that sound like a slut-minded youth trying to be "cool" by telling obscene stories in mixed company. They seem to get some kind of charge for themselves and their brain-dead lustful sensual audience by being as crude and uncouth by word and antics they can be.

  Some bring reproach on the church of Christ because they produce this kind of vulgar entertainment and still call themselves members of the church. Who but the incorrigible and vile servants of the devil would think Christ died so His people would propagate the low-level animalistic hedonistic trash they generate?

  There will be a day of retribution. Meanwhile, people of God do not treat a holy and sacred matter with worldly and blasphemous words.