Vessels of Honor and Dishonor

  In the teaching in Jeremiah 18: 1-6 we read of vessels that were marred. This referred to people and their way of life before the Lord. Paul wrote of vessels of honor and dishonor (2 Tim. 2: 20).

  In the Old Testament we have examples of both kinds. Certainly Abraham was a man of honor before God. You could include such people as Joseph, Daniel, David, Joshua and many, many others who are held before us even today as examples to imitate.

  But you also find Korah, Samson, King Saul and a large host of those who chose to make themselves enemies of God and God's people. The New Testament presents both kinds of people also. This gives us a picture of what God wants and expects from us today. The records of these people of old were not to simply present them, but to teach us the things we need to understand as we serve.

  Each of us is like a piece of clay that God wants to mold into an honorable vessel. What progress is being made toward that goal in your life?