Vile and Vicious Are Protected

  Justice is just a word to the American judicial system. Selective application of the law dominates the scene. With corrupt lying lawyers who do not seek truth but a victory, what chance have the innocent to be protected? People who deliberately murder, rape, beat others can go to court, get a free lawyer who is almost as low-down as the criminal he defends, has his case presented to a bunch of brain dead amoral creeps of society who don't care about anything but how the crook feels, and the victim is discounted, his family is ignored and at worst he is given room and board for the rest of his life at their expense. That's justice?

  Humanism has convinced people that they are smarter than God and refuse to consider the death penalty when it is overwhelmingly deserved. I guess they think they are "loving" to allow criminals get away with most anything with the slightest rebuff. When you have a nation full of as many anti-God, anti-justice stupid people are we have in America, and then hold court before a ridiculous bozo who thinks he is a judge, where's justice?

  If you think I believe in the American judicial system, you could not be more wrong. Hardly anything involving the government is trustworthy. It ought not be that way but it is.