Visible Goodness

  For many years the old man had gone up and down the wooden steps off his front porch. But they had become unstable like him. One day he started down and the steps gave way throwing him to the ground with injuries. When found he was taken to the hospital where he stayed several days.

  Returning home he found new steps had been built. He did not know who had done it and none would tell. So he made a little sign and placed it by his mailbox so all who went up and down the lane would see it. The sign read: 'Thank you, Lord, and whoever you used to help me with new steps." You see, the Lord had used somebody and somebody let the Lord use them to do this good thing. And he was grateful to both. Now smile!

  Would you not call that goodness that is easy to see? I like stories like this. There is another one very similar I will tell tomorrow.