Was Moses a King?

  It is implied that the Israelites wanted to make Gideon a king. His wicked son Abimelech tried to make himself a king. Most agree that Saul was the first king of Israel. But did you know that Moses is also mentioned as a king? (Deuteronomy 33:5). The word translated "king" is the same word used to denote David and others. In what sense was Moses called a king?

  Of course, a king has all authority and rules. Moses was Israel's deliverer, lawgiver, guide and certainly the most prominent and respected leader. It is not that Moses was appointed to an office of royalty like those who became king later. But it expresses the loyalty, respect and appreciation Israel had for Moses.

  Like the names of Abraham and David, the mere mention of the name of Moses to the Jewish people immediately commanded their attention. In this respect, Moses was a king.