The Way to Freedom

  Spiritual freedom from sin comes only one way. That is by Jesus Christ. There is a physical freedom also that the gospel will not produce. Freedom from state dominance, criminals, slavery, state religion (like America's state religion of humanism), tyranny, freedom of speech and assembly, etc. comes historically by bullets, not ballots. The gospel will not produce this freedom until the gospel is accepted. Most Americans are hostile to the gospel today. Freedom has been preserved by bullets, not ballots.

  There is no doubt that freedom in America is becoming more and more restricted as we see the rise of the tyranny of liberalism, atheism, a black theology, a pseudo-tolerance (which tolerates everything except truth and Christianity). Christians will continue to preach the gospel for the salvation of souls. Physical freedom will be preserved and restored the only way history shows such is done. Physical freedom facilitates the spread of the gospel enabling Christians to preach without physical interference.

  It was done in 1776, by the Boston Tea Party, Revolution and people willing to fight for freedom. Another such effort is needful if future generations remain free. Spiritual freedom is the most important, however.