We All Have to Choose

  Moses made a choice (Heb. 11: 24-26). Joshua urged his people to make a good choice. So did David, Solomon, Samuel and many others. Making a choice regarding God's will is absolutely necessary.

  Here is something we need to keep in mind when we are making decisions and choices. We should not look just at the present and immediate, but also lift up our eyes and look down the pathway into the future. Certainly, we cannot know what the future holds. But we can know what way of life produces the desired result and choose accordingly. Scripture teaches us that.

  We need to ask where the alternatives before us have proven to take others. We can always be assured that submitting to the teaching of Christ and living accordingly will lead to the heavenly throne of peace forever.

  But it will not "just happen." We have to choose to make it happen. God opens the door, but will we enter therein? There is the good choice. Will you make it?