We All Should Feel So Comforted

  Sometimes I think that if all the minds of the "wise" people of the world were piled together you could enclosed them with a thimble. I read where "scientists" have now discovered something that long puzzled them and that is where some little turtles went for several years after coming into existence. My, this has bothered me terribly for years also. Haven't you been concerned about that?

  How many thousands of dollars have been spent on projects to answer their curiosity was not reported. But knowing the whereabouts of some little turtles will ease the struggle of making a living, reduce crime, almost eliminate the threat of Muslim barbarians, end the Iraq war, reduce taxes and probably add years to human life span. That's how important this discovery must be. Just listen to them and you must conclude these things.

  It is pitiful and tragic that so many people can get so concerned about absolutely nothing and think they are so smart but the important matters of life they ignore.