We Are Told Why

  Much confusion has been created by false teaching about why the Holy Spirit came upon the household of Cornelius. All kinds of ideas are put forward that even negate the gospel plan of salvation. But we are shown why that event took place. Once we know, that ought to end the confusion.

  Peter had visions that showed him the gospel was for Gentiles. When he was directed to this Gentile household he went and preached the gospel. Was it proper for him to go there with that mission? Indeed, it was. Jewish brethren needed to know this also.

  When Peter rehearsed to Jewish brethren what took place, even the coming of the Holy Spirit on them, their reaction was, "Then hath God also to the Gentiles granted repentance" (Acts 11:18). That was the truthful conclusion they reached when told about the Holy Spirit coming upon the Gentiles. It was to show the gospel is for all. And it is still for all now.

  You will enjoy lesson #35 on the Conversion of Cornelius on this web site. It is a clarifying study.