We Can Trust Him

  There are so many things taking place in our world that are designed to shake even the confidence we have that God's will shall prevail. On every hand it seems the forces are evil are making gain after gain and more and more people are simply closing their minds to truth and following the crowd to their own destruction. How to bring people out of such lethargy is a real problem.

  But God created this universe, has not forgotten this universe, has promised to overrule the affairs of men, and we can be sure God keeps His promises. This ought give us reassurance and confidence that whatever may happen in this world God will see that His people shall prevail.

  Our victory may be small if at all in this life. But the victory that matters is the won crowned at the judgment. With this truth deeply rooted in our hearts and firmly confirmed in the Word of God we shall pursue the only course open to sensible people and that is trust in God and His will.