We Demand It

  Did you recently see where the people of South Africa DEMANDED more financial aid from the USA to help them combat Aids? I suppose there is no limit to the defiant, arrogant, despicable behavior of some people. They resist every effort to promote morality and decency but insist on their right to be sexual sinners and sexual perverts and then contact the deadly disease for which they seek aid. Seeing how brain dead and racist our present government leaders are I would not be surprised if an unlimited amount of the taxes paid by hard working Americans will be funneled to those people. But how much more moral are the Americans who favor giving more aid than the pitiable victims of their own sins in South Africa? We seldom see the influence of morality dominate the scene of our world.

  Most of the ills of humanity are due to sin. There are natural disasters that cause much havoc at times and there are those things that are common to man. But most of the pain, suffering, strife, disease is because people choose to sin but get upset because they have to reap what they sow. Will we human beings ever learn that we cannot defy God and do well?