We Have the Advantage

  The Christian lives in a world that is most often hostile to his convictions and standards. While in the world he is not of the world. To be faithful to Christ he must separate himself from the sinful world.

  Doing so will create many enemies and opponents. All manner of persecutions can and do follow. We may think at times that the Devil and his forces shall overtake us. But even though beset with these hindrances of foes and temptations, victory belongs to the faithful. This is because of Paul's encouraging teaching in Romans 8: 31, "...If God be fore us, who can be against us?" The enemy shall not prevail ultimately and the the glory of the Lord will be ours to eternally enjoy.

  In the coming days, if and when things seem dark and dreary, just be assured of the Lord's promise that He will not forsake us and shall count us as His own.