We Know the Problem

  When you read and hear of all the atrocities humans are committing against one another, the abuse of children, murders, thefts, governmental corruption, etc. we are not left wondering what the problem is. The people are degenerate vermin who have either never received or have repudiated all moral and spiritual teaching such as God would have all to receive. So what else can be expected? This is the fruit of atheism and humanism which is being propagated in the schools, over the media, through so-called "entertainment," even in religion. When you breed a pack of vile and evil people by teaching them they came from animals, what else can result except what is happening?

  While we know the way of Christ would be the solution, we also know that most prefer to "do their own thing" and run the path to hell and take as many with them as they can. Christians will not be turned from the way of Christ regardless of what the deranged majority may do.