We Need to Know the Old Testament

  Because we live subject to the New Testament under Christ some have very mistakenly concluded that knowledge of the Old Testament is not necessary. You will never understand the NEW until you have a grasp of the OLD. God made it that way. The OLD is as inspired as the NEW. It had certain purposes which were fulfilled in Christ.

  Hebrews nine makes is so clear that the tabernacle was a type of things in the new covenant and the high priest a type of Christ.  It places emphasis on the saving blood of Christ for those under both covenants.

  If you have neglected your study of the Old Testament, resolve today that you will correct that. A good starting place is the book of Hebrews. And be prepared to make many references to Old Testament teaching. Hebrews, like Galatians and Romans, shows us the relationship of the two covenants. God's hand is in it all.

  It has been correctly stated: The Old Testament is the New Testament concealed; and the New Testament is the Old Testament revealed.