We Often Ask, What If...?"

  Asking questions can be helpful but sometimes harmful. If we are trying to decide whether to do something it is wise to ask, "What if I do this or that?" This helps us to count the cost of our actions.

  But there are times and circumstances when "What if..." does not help. For example, when something tragic happens we often badger ourselves by asking, "What if I had done this, or that? Maybe things would not have happened so badly." Of course, we are foolish to think we can rewrite history. We do our best as the moment and we can do nothing more than that. Hindsight may be perfect. But what is done is done. Let us learn from the past, but not uselessly ask, "What if..." It may have even been worse.

  The point is: whatever comes in life, we have to go on from here. Learn, but do not return. The first we can do. The second is impossible anyway.