We See It Often

  We see pictures of a person who has driven his car into high water and found himself facing drowning. Someone throws him a rope but he  refuses  to take it. Others urge him to seize the rope but but he shouts that he is afraid he cannot hold on to it. You know how this tragedy ends. You also know how foolish was his decision. He rejected his only hope.

  As tragic as this is it is not near as tragic as that situation where a person is in the deadly waters of sin. Someone tells him of the gospel of salvation. But he refuses to obey saying, "I may not be able to be faithful", which is necessary. True, some are not faithful. But many are. What does he gain by refusing to obey? What does he lose? Is not trying the only way open to him? The Lord tells us to be faithful and He never commands of us that which we are incapable of doing successfully if we abide in Him.