We Should Belong

  We all understand that a Christian will want to do the will of God and respect that will regardless of what area of thought is under consideration. That means we shall most certainly respect the divinely-given government of the church.

  The church universal has Christ as its head. He has all authority and this authority also belongs to those to whom He gave it such as the apostles and other inspired men. That authority is revealed in Scripture. There is no governing body larger that the local congregation which is organized as God prescribed with elders deacons, preachers, teachers and all members.

  Thee is purpose in a local church. Not only do we have fellowship one with another but we engage in doing the work of the Lord together. We should belong to a local congregation. We assemble together for worship and work. We help one another get to heaven.

  Men have distorted and perverted the Lord's government thinking they had a better way to handle things. But Christians will respect God's arrangement and cooperate fully with it.