We Why Look Forward

  We look forward to every day. It is another step on our sojourn toward heaven. But especially do we look forward to the first day of the week; like today.

  In Genesis thirteen we read of the episode between Abraham and Lot and how Abraham avoided a conflict between himself and his nephew. The reason he did what he did was explained, "For we be brethren." To him that was sufficient reason to try to avoid strife between them.

  On Lord's Day we assemble with brethren to worship God the way God teaches us to worship. It is a joy and privilege to be with those of like precious faith as we together seek to please the Almighty Creator and Judge. Because we are brethren we can blend our hearts and voices in praise to the One to Whom glory and honor is due. The experience is something to cherish.

  To worship God is reason enough to be sure we are in attendance. But also because we be brethren we delight in gathering together and encouraging each other. Good reason to look forward to today, don't you think?