Weep O'er the Erring One

  Christian people do not believe a person is just a highly evolved animal like atheists. He knows man is spirit as well as body. He knows the need of the salvation of the soul. He knows the Savior and would that all did.

  Sorrow is in the heart of a Christian when he considers the lost. He makes the effort to teach the lost that they might respond to the teaching of Christ. But the bottom line is that the lost one must make the right decision or remain lost. Many do that very thing. This is sad to a Christian.

  The song, "Rescue the Perishing," includes the phrase which is our title. We would that we had the persuasive power to bring the lost to salvation. But all of our efforts will not accomplish the goal if the lost remain indifferent to the will of the Lord. We can only "weep o'er the erring one."