What's New About It?

  We hear and read all this claptrap by liberals regarding the church. These self-proclaimed superiors think they are bringing out new things. But they are only repeating the nonsense that was heard over a century ago that harmed efforts to present New Testament Christianity and divided the church. This is so evident when you read Earl West's "The Search for the Ancient Order, Vol 2." There he reviews the history of the apostasy that produced the Disciples of Christ (Christian Church). The words and sentiments of the digressive liberals are being parroted by these latter-day "experts." Nothing new whatever is heard from them. It is new to many who are ignorant of the past, but their volley of folly is the same old apostate mouthing heard many years ago; almost verbatim.

  Whenever men tire of "thus saith the Lord" they display their egotism and liberalism that offends the people of God because it contradicts God. To defeat this intrusion we must thoroughly equip ourselves with knowledge of the Bible and defeat the gainsayers. Souls, even our own, are at stake.