What a Question?

  On television I saw and heard two people who were obviously ignorant of the Bible and knowing little about God discussing God. One seemed to be skeptical and the other very ill-informed. The skeptic asked the ignorant, "What do you like most about God?" Who in their right mind can assume to evaluate the characteristics of God and to do so according to their likes and dislikes?

  The Scriptures reveal many traits of God that we can partially understand but nobody will fathom the magnitude of Deity. There are two sides of God, if we can express it that way. We might like to think of Him in terms of His love, mercy, grace, comfort and what some have called the "softer" side of God. But we must consider more and try to understand as much of God that we can.

  God is also just, One of vengeance, hates evil, called a consuming fire and what some call the "hard and stern" side of God. We probably get off the path trying to describe these traits according to what we might consider pleasing.

  But this one thing I know, "Happy is that people whose God is the Lord" (Psalm 144: 15b).