What a Ring Can Bring

  Think of the ring of the telephone. What a marvelous invention and we all glory in its use. But a ring can be so powerful. Not really the ring itself but what the ring brings to us. Some news, trouble, good fortune, births, deaths, all sorts of things are brought to mind that starts for us with the ring of the telephone.

  We all realize that in a moment plans are altered, lives are changed, the future is turned upside down, or maybe straightened out because of the message we get after we respond to the ring. There is always an air of anticipation when the telephone rings. Curiosity goes to work. But the important thing is not that the telephone rings, but that it calls to our attention something we need to know.

  Do you realize sending a telephone ring to a shut-in can "make their day?" That is such a simple way to do such a great good. Next time your telephone rings thinks about somebody that would really appreciate hearing from you and know you are think of them. What a ring can bring!