What About the Exceptions

  A liberal preacher said, "We know how he that believes and is baptized shall be saved. But what about the exceptions?" What exceptions? Where does the Bible speak about exceptions to God's plan of salvation?

  This man said maybe God will save them some other way. God has said there is one way. Who are we to suggest there are additional ways or that God will offer additional ways? If He does, there is more than one way.

  "Don't limit God," he exclaimed. It not a matter of limiting God. God can do as He sees fit. It is a matter of what God has said. We respond by saying, "Don't challenge the credibility of God's word suggesting what He said is not really true." Some preachers want to please everybody but the Lord. We should not talk about the "exceptions" when God has never hinted at such a thing. Those who believe and obey shall be saved. Those that don't, won't. At least, that is what Scripture teaches.