What Are the Odds of Getting It Done?

  In a recent study again of the book of Isaiah I was reading from the commentary on Isaiah written by Homer Hailey. When commenting on Chapter thirty he quoted (I hope I have this correct) from a commentary by George Adam Smith in which Smith wrote, "If you wish to reform the politics, you must first regenerate the people." Isaiah was trying to get the people of Israel and Judah to repent of their wickedness and return to God lest they be consumed by foreign enemies. We know that he was not successful and both nations eventually were destroyed.

  Especially is Smith correct in countries where the citizens vote to select their leaders. We have some of the most depraved government officials operating today that have ever been in power. They are destroying the country. But who is to blame for it? Not every citizen because millions oppose this leap over the cliff.  But if you want to know why our nation is so overrun with a corrupt government, just look at the moral level of the majority of citizens. Parasites, humanists, communists, crooks, thieves, perverts, racists, etc. dominate the scene. What are the odds that there will be a change in politics?