What Did He Later Do?

  When Jesus stood before Pilate it was a foregone conclusion that he would be put to death because, even though He was not guilty of the perjured charges against Him, Pilate did not have the stamina to withstand the mob and turned Christ over to them to be crucified. But he made several attempts, although weak, to have Jesus released. One was to offer to free a prisoner at that feast time as he usually did. There was another man named Barabbas who was a murderer guilty of sedition that was held prisoner. Pilate gave the mob a choice: free Jesus or free Barabbas. Even though only a few days previously they had praised Jesus, now they cried for His death and freedom for Barabbas. It was done.

  Have you ever wondered how Barabbas took this new freedom? Do you think he had any appreciation for Christ whatever? While we would like to think so we have nothing in the Biblical record to tell us what he did later.

   But we know Christ died in stead of Barabbas. We may not be as wicked as Barabbas but is it not true that Christ died for us that we might spiritually live? What Barabbas did we know not. But what will we do? Will we be loyal servants of the Lord until death calls us home?