What Do Ye More Than Others?

  Jesus was contrasting the Mosaic Law and Jewish traditions with the gospel of the kingdom in Matthew chapter five. The behavior of one in the kingdom is to be much improved over that of others. They are expected to do more than others. Some do not do as much.

  In that context He mentioned that even the publicans (outcasts to the Jews) would salute their brethren. Evidently there was some to whom Jesus spoke that would not even do that. There are some people today who evidently consider themselves so high and mighty that they will not even speak to their brethren. They prefer to ignore and insult others than to consent to being courteous and respectable toward others. They have a real problem.

  When people like that are coddled by the leaders in the church the problem is only enlarged. Common courtesy will allow speaking to others even if they be enemies. But the sin of pride has overcome some even in the church and they haughtily flaunt themselves above others they dislike. Do they think God approves of that childish conduct?