What Does He Produce?

  So much that appears on television, the Internet, in books and magazines is outright moral filth and trash; the promotion of every evil you can imagine. Some of it is reporting of events and people who must have been born in a sewer and never got out. But such is glamorized and considered "cool" by those who propagate it. They, nor the ones about whom they report, have probably never had a decent thought in their lives and probably would not recognize one if they happened upon it.. Those who "report" show that this is the stuff they want to spread around to all.

  Christians have to filter through the garbage of the world to even view these things. We must be careful lest we are de-sensitized to its evil. "By their fruits" is still a good measure and the "fruit" produced by so much of the entertainment world, the media, the celebrities is about a degenerate as humanity can become. Servants of the devil dominate those "industries" and servants of the devil produce their material.  We cannot be tolerant of what they produce.