What Hypocrisy

  There is an uproar among Muslims who dislike pictures of Mohammed in cartoons that they say is against their religion. Then here comes some in the media trying to placate Muslims and saying they have freedom of expression but should not offend religious sensibilities.

  Wonder why they have never thought to apply that to the ridicule, blasphemy, degradation and slander against anything remotely called Christian? (Of course, they do not know anything about true Christianity because the Bible, the only reliable source from which to learn of Christianity, is off-limits to them.)

  The hostile, vicious smearing of Christ, the church, the Bible and who they call "Christians" is as much a part of the agenda of the left-wing "news" media (and Hollywood trash) as reports from Irag or Washington. The propagandists, who are disguised as "news" people, have little moral guidance and no sense of decency to report truth regarding the way of Christ. And their hysteria against Him adversely affects the Lord's church as well as the imitations of denominations.