What is an Expediency?

  Brethren talk about matters of faith and matters of expediency. Maybe we can best define an expediency with a few examples. But first, expediencies are those matters made necessary by God but about which He has not specifically spoken how to get it done. An expediency is authorized because God has given a direction without explicit directions how to accomplish it. It must be done but man must use his best judgment how to get it done.

  There is no expedient way to do something that is not authorized. An expediency must be lawful ( 1 Cor. 6:12; 10: 23). Let me illustrate briefly. God said "go preach." How to go, when and where to preach, what aids that can be used in preaching, who is to do the preaching at a specific time, all those matters have to be decided by man. A newspaper ad, a radio program, even a website can be used to take the gospel to the world. These are expediencies.

  We must allow room for differences in judgment which expediency will be used. The eldership must decide these matters for the local church.