What is Heaven Like?

  We might pass off the answer to this question by saying, "Nothing like anything we know." But various terms have been used in Scripture to describe heaven in ways that show its grandeur, glory and majesty. There are no words adequate to define heaven so we could grasp the fullness of its greatness.

  We know heaven is where God is. It is a real place; a place of rest, blessedness, reward, security and a better place than anything this world affords. It is an inheritance that God gives to those who are His faithful children. This means those who believe and obey the gospel and live accordingly will, in God's good pleasure, hear the words, "Well done," and enter heaven with all the saved of every age for eternity.

  Nothing in this life can compensate for the failure to reach heaven. Even with our limited knowledge and inability to fully understand, God has revealed sufficiently for us to make the intelligent decision to set our goal and do what He teaches so we may be in heaven.