What is Law?

  According to the dictionary a law is a binding rule prescribed by authority. We can accept that, of course. But what about these people who piously claim we are not under law but grace? How can they say we are saved by grace alone without law? Who made the law that we are saved by grace alone?

  What some refuse to see that is so obvious that to declare we are saved by anything is to state a law, God's law. To turn around and then deny we are saved by law after having stated one seems rather inconsistent and contradictory, does it not?

  We are saved by grace, but NEVER, ANYWHERE, does the Bible teach we are saved by grace alone and no law. Who thinks they can dismiss the law of Christ? Paul says we are made free from the law of sin and death by the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus. This is only one of many passages that refute the "grace only' doctrine.

  It is so sad that denominational man-made dogma means so much to some people that they not only deny the plain teaching of the Bible but contradict themselves in the process.