What KATRINA Shows Us

  It is impossible to mention everything the recent hurricane has reveled. We see the power of nature and the helplessness of mankind. We see the outpouring of compassion and assistance to those who suffer. We see the use of resources of bring relief but also the instability of material things.

  We see terrible suffering and grief of mankind under the most severe circumstances. We see the craving for the necessities of life and agony death.

  We also see mankind at its worst with the actions by the degenerate and the inability to control an incorrigible people. We see brutality and results of people without God. We see officials blaming rather than planning and providing,  jockeying to cover their own blunders and failure of responsibilities. We see neglect of those in need for extended periods.

  A terrible and horrible tragedy has occurred and the impact will be felt for years. I wonder if we will see anybody realizing how man needs God.