What Was He Thinking?

  We do not have the ability to know what is in the heart of another unless they reveal it to us. This is the reason we are incapable of rendering judgments regarding the motives of others. But the Lord knows the hearts of men and our thoughts are plain and clear to Him. Did you ever wonder why Peter did some of the things He did? What was  he thinking?

  For instance, when Jesus approached the ship on the stormy sea walking on the water and Peter asked to come to Him, why did he want to do that? We are not informed. But the Lord knew and granted him his request. When John recognized Jesus on the shore when the apostles were coming toward it after fishing all night without catching anything. John told Peter that it was the Lord on the shore and Peter jumped out of the boat and either waded or swam the rest of the way. Why did he act that way?

   We gather that at times Peter was rather impulsive but never can we conclude he was insincere. But it is interesting to ponder what motives he may have had in mind by these actions. Doubtless, he meant well.