What Women Did and Do

  Some make a bad mistake of assuming the role of women and that of men are just the same. It ought be evident that from the beginning God that made them different, and gave them different roles in life. That does not imply superiority/ inferiority but difference/distinction.

  Among the disciples of Christ there were many women. Mary, the virgin, brought forth her Son. Women were the last to leave the cross. They showed respect for Him when He was entombed. He first appeared to women after His resurrection. Women were much involved in His personal ministry during His life on earth.

  It is because of the spirituality of women that many congregations exist today that would not otherwise have come into existence or continued. Women are among the most faithful disciples of the Lord that live on the earth.

  Respect for women and their role was pronounced in the teaching of Christ. We must recognize the restrictions and limitations God has placed on her but at the same time appreciate the great work women do for the Lord and respect them for it.