When Children Go Wrong

  It happens all too often. Sometimes it is a tragedy within good families. We wonder why. Assigning blame may seem inappropriate but is it not well to notice parental duties regarding their behavior, example. teaching, discipline, etc. and all the other matters parents must do?

  In spite of all parents do, it still sometimes happens. Why? Even God does not keep His children faithful unless His child cooperates with Him. If God cannot force His children to live rightly, how can parents?

  There are no perfect parents and there are no perfect children. (That comes with grandchildren). When parents do wrong they must repent of it. before time to guide their children properly has passed them by.

  The hurt and seriousness of children who go astray cannot be measured. Nothing brings joy more than faithful children. Nothing a child can do that hurts parents more than going astray. Wherever the fault, it can be forgiven and both parents and child can walk with God.