When Evil Rules the Hour

  When Jesus was seized by His enemies to be led to crucifixion, Jesus commented, "But this is your hour, and the power of darkness" Lk. 22:53. When evil men control nothing good comes from it but some of the most hypocritical and inconsistent behavior that can be observed takes place. For instance, when Jesus was brought before Pilate the Jews would not enter the Gentile judgment hall lest they be considered unclean. But calling for the death of an innocent man did not bother them.

  With Jesus on the cross they wanted His bones broken to hasten His death so their Sabbath would not be defiled. John 19:31.

  When called to choose between Jesus and Barabbas they chose the release of a convicted robber and murderer and for the death of the innocent Son of God. Truly, when evil rules, righteousness finds no quarters.